64 Days – Healing

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi


The thought for today is HEALING.   Healing simply means “to make whole”.  It is your nature to bring yourself whole after an accident, an illness, or a major life event.  You can lose your sense of wholeness from anything life event, including experiencing loss to the trauma of working in a soul-sucking job.  It’s how you practice self-compassion that allows you to heal your wounds.

We all have had painful life experiences.  It’s the holding on to the experience for a very long time that inflicts more pain.  A mantram is a wonderful way to resolve conflict we hold in our mind and one of the best times to repeat the mantram is while falling asleep at night.  Tuck yourself in, close your eyes, and start repeating your mantram.  Between the last waking moment and the first sleeping moment, there is an opening into deepest consciousness.  You can send your mantram in through that opening, repeating itself in your sleep, healing old wounds and restoring your peace of mind.

Today reflect on a painful incident in your life and find the “gift” it has brought you or is now giving you.   Consciously share this gift with others.  Here are some keys to healing yourself.  Zen Healing

Think About It

What can get in the way of your healing?

Take Action

Choose a recent painful experience or event.  Write your answers to these questions:  How did it affect you?  Who else was affected?  What needs to happen to set things right?

Major Do:  Find new ways to “believe” you can heal anything in your life.

Major Don’t:  Stop joining bandwagons of doubt that you aren’t whole just the way your are. 

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