Are You Settling for . . . .

nose glassDo you find yourself playing “small” and feeling like the kid whose nose is pressed up against the window watching everyone else create the life of their dreams?  Do you justify your life as adequate, sensible, good enough, all the while knowing you have more greatness in you than you let the world see?

I can’t tell you (and often don’t) how much I have felt and done this very same thing. I thought I knew the “how” of creating an extraordinary life that I saw others living.  You know the lives I’m talking about, writing a bestselling novel after spending months eating, praying and loving, speaking to auditoriums of 1,000’s, sitting next to Oprah as the book sales tick up like an HSN viewing.  Feel free to insert your own dream life here.

It was only after I connected my dream or should I say day-dream, with Sacred Action, that the flood gates of good began to open.  Was it hard?  Was it scary?  Was it exhilarating?  Was it exhausting?  Yes! Yes! Yes! Was it one continuous trajectory upward?  Not even close.  A roller coaster graph of Thailand’s garlic sales would better demonstrate my journey.

So what exactly is Sacred Action?  It is ANY action you take with Reverence.  I recently wrote about Reverence as part of a 64 Day Season for Peace many of you participated in. Everyday Reverence  You don’t just practice Reverence on the weekends.

The intention and truth behind your actions is as essential as breathing is to your life.   Anne Lamott in her book Bird by Bird, asks her Creative Writing students if they want to be “published” or writers.  The first time I read this passage; I had to answer the question honestly for myself and was shocked and awed by my own answer.  Truth:  I have always wanted to be “published”.  Secretly I believed that trumpets would blare, reviewers would proclaim my works, Oprah would have me sitting next to her and the royalties would flow endlessly.   The problem was my intentions were motivated by being published while I was afraid to sit down and practice writing just because I loved writing.  Being published came from my ego, writing comes from my soul.

As I look back over my life and the lives of those I have coached, I know one thing.  If you are ONLY waiting wishing, hoping and praying for your dream life, it will always remain in your wishes, hopes and prayers.  You must step into your life with the pure intention of joy and serving.  Taking the first step can be daunting when you can’t see the top of the staircase.

Another form of Sacred Action is exampled by J. R. Martinez, a US Army Veteran who suffered severe burns to 34% of his body after being trapped inside a Humvee while deployed in Iraq.  He has turned what could have been a debilitating tragedy into a thriving life as an actor, motivational speaker, and best-selling author.  In a recent interview when asked what one thing could he say to our military and country about vets returning from the horrors of war?  His simply yet profound answer was to take the stigma out of “talking about” their experience.  Part of his own recovery has been to share about his experience truthfully and frequently.

These two simple Sacred Actions will open your life to potential and possibility beyond anything you could ever dream of.

1)      Reverence in your actions because of your love and passion, and

2)      Sharing/talking about what is holding you back in your life honestly and vulnerably.

As I look back on my own journey, I can see each time I did not practice these actions, fear and struggle have been the result.  When I did, ease and grace were the outcome.

So the question still remains, are you playing small?  If you want to play big, shine in your own way, and live the life of your destiny, you have to take that first step.  And if not now, when?  One of my mentors once said to me, in five years will you still be where you are right now?  That was 14 years ago and the dream is still unfolding in magical ways.  My heartfelt desire is that you experience the dream for yourself.staircase3

As we wrap up the 64 Days of Peace, Compassion and Abundance, I feel called more than ever to support you in taking the first step toward unwrapping your dreams beginning now!  I’m now offering ridiculously affordable group coaching ($45 per month) so you can dip your toe in and experience what it feels like to be creating your big dream.  Through April 15,

Enroll now for a month and you get a month to give as a GIFT to someone else! (Anywhere!)

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Come play with my incredible awesome tribe!

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