Step into the Mystery – Faith 64 Days

Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.”- Anne Lamott


The thought for today is FAITH.  Faith is a place of mystery, where we find courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.

As humans we love closure, resolution and clarity while at the same time believing we are people of “faith”!  Faith is essential when you decide to live a life of peace, compassion and abundance.  Leaping in faith rather than being assured your risk of being vulnerable and getting hurt, requires believing without seeing.

The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Certainty is missing the point entirely.  As you learned with intuition it is living in the mystery of not knowing.  When Cesar Chavez was organizing farm works in California, he challenged them to say, “Si, se puede” – yes, it is possible – when they didn’t know how they would overcome obstacles.  Lizzie Velasquez’s incredible faith in herself after a video posted on You Tube called her the ugliest woman in the world.  Ted Talk 

Today say “yes, it is possible” even if you don’t know how your goal will be realized.  SayYes, it is possible,” to every obstacle you meet.  Practice having faith and say, “it is possible,” until you find a way“.  Write down three things you are having a challenge with and with each one write “It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.”

Think About It

In what ways do you have faith in yourself?

Take Action

Write a 2-3 paragraphs about a time in your life when your life when your faith made a positive difference

Major Do:  When you feel anxiety and fear from “not knowing”, get quiet and still and listen to our inner voice.

Major Don’t:  Stop thinking the world has to change before you can be safe or happy.  You create your own safety through your thoughts and energy flow

Words to live by

Faith is permanent, happiness and unhappiness are fleeting things – Mohandas K. Gandhi


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