You and Money

If you are anything like the amazing, deserving and incredible clients I have worked with, you instinctively hear your inner voice saying, oh great another “get rich”  program.   In order not to insult your intelligence, heart felt efforts and specialness, I acknowledge you may have learned “HOW to make more money and fulfill your dreams” through a program, workshop, book, investment or some other method.  The problem is, like losing weight, you know how to eat better and exercise, but you aren’t doing it!  You need to know the WHY!  Your life is different and unique, so it’s time your relationship to money reflected that.

News flash!  No matter how many tools and programs you have in place, if your money Mojo is off, they can’t help you.   Money is your most intimate relationship and yet most people treat it like a stranger in their own home.  It just wants to leave!

An Incredible Money relationship doesn’t just “happen” - when you unleash your money mojo, your bank account flourishes, life is mind blowing, your business grows and evolves and all this takes courage, creativity and humor.

Does any of this sound familiar? (the things that wake you up at 3:00 a.m. when you should be asleep):

* I am a slave to my Money Thoughts.  You can’t get off the hamster wheel of these types of thoughts:  I don’t have enough clients, there’s more debt than income, the emergency fund is dried up, the economy is not getting any better, should I just get a job . . . .

* How did I get here?  My finances are stalled.  I seem to be stuck in the same place month after month, not going forward or backward.  I like my life but I’m not in love with my life and have hit the perverbial glass money ceiling and can’t seem to get ahead.  What am I doing wrong?

*  You so often settle for less than you deserve.  Your inner DJ says: you are doing fine and don’t rock the boat.  Besides, I might not get anything better, maybe I need a new niche, should I explore a new business, or if go for having more in my life, I will lose what I have.

You repeat the same money mistakes over and over again, and you’re wondering, is it me? Is this all there is? Should I just swear off of this whole money and wealth thing for good? Should settle and be happy where I am.

You find yourself at an impasse, a rock and a hard place sound like a sleep number bed.  Everything you do to try and change your financial situation, only ends up digging you deeper in debt by trying new things, buying more programs and filling your email box up with more great ideas (there has to be an easier way!)

You want to do money differently, but not mess up what you have.  Quite frankly, you’re not exactly sure what that different way would be. You do know, however, that you want an alternative to this constant stagnation, misery and same old, same old money ceiling and unsatisfying relationship with money.

* There’s more month than money again!  How can I think of my dream life when I can barely keep my head above water.  Someday I’ll take that dream vacation, work on my business not in it, spend more time with my family and friends, hire an assistant, but right now I have to work, work, work.

* If only I was younger, smarter, prettier, skinnier, win the lottery, then I’d be able to make the money I need to be happy.

* I just don’t have enough money . . . .what dream?

Don’t let this happen to you.  It’s time to rescue your dreams by finding your Money Mojo, take charge of your money and create the life you deserve once and for all.


So If You want to:

*  Untangle your money knots for good. (sure, but what does that really mean?) Get some real-life understanding beyond the psycho babble and positive thinking.  Warning:  prepare to embody money magnetism, confidence beyond your wildest imaginings and a boat load of money.

* Turn your money into a magician who wants you to have more of it – Understand the enigma that money is, design your relationship with money and have it be accessible all the time.  Become Magnetic to money.

* Learn the Magic formula to a relationship with money which makes you irresistible to it.

Find (and reign over) unexpected income and good all the time. Learn the precise recipe of how to connect with your intuition and inner guidance to demonstrate your heart’s desire out of nothing.

Turn frumpy out of shape money flab into Hot Sexy Money Muscles! Feel the tingly sensation of connecting with your inner money mojo and restore hope in your ability to create real wealth, not get rich quick overnight fairy dust.

Change your money mojo forever.  Step out of your confusing, painful money traps and unsatisfying money ruts (ugh, you know what more of the same will get you!) and get the blueprint to an extraordinary, flourishing, energizing, sustainable money relationship – one that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Then you are ready for a Money Mojo Makeover to get your Groove back.


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