Who is Debbie?

As an international speaker/trainer, Debbie works with individuals, entrepenuers and corporations to dissolve their money roadblocks and instill confidence in their money magnestism.  Through her fierce honesty and high-energy presentations, she challenges audiences and her clients to achieve their dreams, create success and overcome excuses.  Debbie colors outside the lines of conventional wisdom while motivating, inspiring and encouraging transformation.

After years in corporate America, Debbie owned several successful businesses.  She felt like she had achieved ultimate success when she sold her hugely successful mortgage company, paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, began traveling the world as an international speaker, flying first class and enjoying the fruits of the economic boom.  She was planning for an early retirement.  Dun, dun, dun, then the economic crash of 2008 threw her world into a tailspin.  Suddenly she was living on credit, sinking fast and saw her dreams crumbling down around her.  She had always been able to make money by working really hard. In seemed like in instant her business shriveled up along with her confidence.  Her Money Mojo as she calls it seemed to disappear.  After licking her wounds, she knew that other people must be suffering from this same Money Mojo self doubt.   It was time for a Makeover.

By changing her focus from training corporate leadership to training others how to re-energize their Money Mojo, she was able to turn a set back into a set up for a come back.

She now reveals powerful secrets which transform lives and businesses, if you are willing to take action.  She has made millions, lost millions and continues to use the principles which create wealth with a twist.  Your Money Mojo has everything to do with true wealth.

Debbie’s direct delivery keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as well as creating Ah Ha moments that transform lives.

If you haven’t seen Debbie motivating and inspiring others to their own greatness, you might find her Sky Diving over the Caribbean, Feeding the homeless, writing the next great motivational book or researching the next great advancement in human behavior.

Her thirst for knowledge is the only thing that outweighs her passion for teaching.