Find Your Balance – Groundedness 64 Days

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.” ~ Buddha 


The thought for today is GROUNDEDNESS.  Gandhi said “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”  Black Elk reminds us “Some little root of the sacred tree still lives.  Nourish it, that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds.”

Notice nature and its groundedness.   The trees don’t just throw the leaves in the trash when they are no longer necessary.  They release them gracefully when it is time, and they fall to the earth to compost and fertilize the tree and the forest.  It’s a slow humble process of letting go of what’s no longer serving them and that returns to the earth to be used anew. Nothing in nature is waste.

When you notice something that is no longer serving you – old thoughts, old patterns of speaking or acting, you tend to judge yourself for it, use it to put yourself down and diminish yourself.   The invitation to awareness is to retire these old patterns and defenses humbly and honorably, without judgment for the past.  Acknowledge the fact that the pattern was useful at one point in time.

This is how you can feel grounded, like a tree planted in the earth.  Stand up straight and close your eyes.  Imagine your body is a tree.  Send down roots into the soil, feel the sun shining from above.  Feel your branches and leaves blowing in the wind.  When you feel grounded, you feel secure in your environment; and when you feel secure, you are more likely to respond to a situation in a compassionate, peaceful way.  Being grounded helps you contribute to peace and to a culture of abundant compassion.

Today be here now, in this moment.  Be in the present without any reference to the past.  The future is manifested in the now.  Be centered and grounded within your beingness, centered in your heart.

 Think About It

Like a tree sheds it leaves, what is something in your life can you let go of gracefully?

Take Action

Take a deep breath and exhale with a sigh releasing anything that blocks you from being here right now.

Major Do:  Open up an emotionally clutter-free space in your mind and allow yourself to feel and think and dream and question.

Major Don’t:  Stop thinking stillness is about focusing on nothingness, it’s about creating a clearing.  See Major Do above.

Words to Live by:

The (one) who sat on the ground in (their) tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures and acknowledging unity with the universe of things was infusing into (their) being the true essence of civilization – Chief Luther Standing bear

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In Abundance,



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Find Your Balance – Groundedness 64 Days — 2 Comments

  1. I love the “stop thinking stillness is about nothingness…” It’s so true. Life is easier, healthier and more meaningful when we are grounded. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Debbie, your story of the tree releasing its leaves and nothing wasted is a beautiful picture! I felt such peace in reading this – your writing style is gentle and wise. Thank you!

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